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Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail

Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail

Welcome to Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail (WPPR). Contact us at to join our mailing list or send a comment, or visit our Facebook page.

Pennsylvanian  Latrobe  5/20/2012
Pennsylvanian   Latrobe   5/20/2012   Bob Shoemaker

Next WPPR Meeting

Monday - March 23, 2015 - 6:45 pm
Carnegie Library - Squirrel Hill * 5801 Forbes Ave. * Pittsburgh 15217
Directions to Carnegie Library - Squirrel Hill
Agenda: Keystone West High Speed Rail Study review and comments (formerly titled Keystone West Corridor Study)

2015 Tri-State Meeting (PA,NJ,DE) of the National Assn. of Railroad Passengers - Saturday, March 28 - Philadelphia
National Railway Historical Society Harrisburg Chapter Annual Banquet - Saturday, April 11 - Reservations due by April 1


Plan the Keystone West - PennDOT homepage of Keystone West High Speed Rail Study (a.k.a Keystone West Corridor Study)

Executive Summary
Feasibility Report Preliminary Service Development Plan
Menu of Options
WPPR comments submitted to PennDOT

On Track to Accessibility - Report on increasing Pittsburgh-New York service (prepared by Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership in collaboration with WPPR)

Letters of Endorsement for Additional Pittsburgh-New York Service

AARP Pennsylvania
Congress of Neighboring Communities (CONNECT)
Green Building Alliance
Greater Pittsburgh Hotel Association
Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group
Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto
Sustainable Pittsburgh
Westmoreland County Commissioners


WPPR Letter Urging Change in Unreserved HAR-PHL Seating Policy on the Pennsylvanian


Recent Articles and Information

Cost of saving a half-hour on Amtrak to Harrisburg? $10 billion - 2/14/15 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
State Looking for Rail Feedback (WTAJ News) - 2/14/15
Cost of high-speed, Pittsburgh-Harrisburg rail link starts at $1.5B - 2/13/15 TribLive
Harrisburg-Pittsburgh high-speed rail could cost $1.5B-plus - 2/13/15 Altoona Mirror
High-speed rail cost in billions, PennDOT study says; Johnstown, Altoona among stops - 2/13/15 Johnstown Tribune-Democrat
Harrisburg-Pittsburgh high-speed rail could cost $1.5B-plus - 2/13/15 Lewistown Sentinel
Harrisburg-Pittsburgh high-speed rail could cost $1.5B-plus - 2/13/15

Virginia to extend Amtrak service to Roanoke by 2017 - 8/12/13 Trains Magazine (posted as a comparison to PA transportation funding problem)
Amtrak's Missed Opportunities - 8/17/13 Trains Magazine (includes discussion of the Capitol Limited and Pennsylvanian)
Amtrak: Five years to no food service losses - 10/4/13 Railway Age
Consider Additional Train Trip - 10/22/13 Altoona Mirror (Reprinted in 11/1/13 Lewistown Sentinel)
A well-deserved plug for an efficient Amtrak operation - 4/9/14
Historic Johnstown station needs repairs, but funding is scarce - 8/10/14 Johnstown Tribune-Democrat
Letter to the Editor: Talking Trains - 10/2/14 Keystone Edge
Rail service, visioning project outlined for regional planners - 11/13/14

Fall 2014 Capitol Limited and Lake Shore Limited Delay Problems

Pennsylvania Long Range Transportation Plan (website link to send comments by December 15)
Pennsylvania Long Range Transportation Plan (document to review)

WPPR Meeting Minutes 2/23/15

Amtrak Ridership Revenues Continue Strong Growth in FY2014 - Pennsylvanian Ridership Up 5.9%, Ticket Revenue Up 9.7%

Archived Articles and Information

Station Rallies for the Pennsylvanian
Articles About Potential Pennsylvanian Discontinuance
Pennsylvania and Amtrak Reach Pennsylvanian Funding Agreement (March 2013)
State Funds the Pennsylvanian
PA State and Federal Legislators Articles and Videos
Documents and Data Sheets


Write or call your state officials today. Tell them you want increased service along the Pennsylvanian route.

Pennsylvanian  Horseshoe Curve  5/4/2006  Mark Spada         Pennsylvanian  Penn, PA  5/6/2013  Brandon Fiume

Pennsylvanian Horseshoe Curve 5/4/2006 Mark Spada Pennsylvanian Penn, PA 5/6/2013 Brandon Fiume

Keystone Corridor West Study
Keystone Corridor West Study (PennDOT website)
PennDOT to finish Pittsburgh passenger rail study by April - Central Penn Business Journal 3/1/13
Keystone Corridor West Study presentation notes from the Oakland Transportation Management Association annual meeting 9/13/12

Rockwood Amtrak Station Study
Study Streeses Positive Impacts of Rockwood Train Station * Rockwood Amtrak Station Feasibility Study Final Report

Bicycles on Amtrak Trains (Potential ideas and applications for the Capitol Limited and Pennsylvanian)
NYBC Advocates for Unboxed Bicycle Carriage in Amtrak Trains - 12/16/12 New York Bicycling Coalition
Amtrak and MDOT Welcome Bicyclists to Michigan Blue Water Trains - 8/29/13 Amtrak News Release
Amtrak debuts bike racks on Blue Water Line service (9/6/13 Amtrak/Michigan DOT video)
Amtrak tests bicycle roll-on service on Capitol Limited route between Pittsburgh and D.C. - 10/15/13 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Cyclists test roll on/roll off service on Amtrak - 10/16/13 TribLive
Amtrak to welcome bicycling passengers by end of the year - 6/24/14 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Bicycles soon to be welcome on Amtrak trains - 7/5/14 TribLive

Reports and News Articles
Amtrak Monthly Performance Report January 2015
Lynchburg-Roanoke Amtrak Passenger Rail Agreement Announced - The Lynchburg (VA) News 1/9/14
The Brookings Institution 3/1/13 - A New Alignment: Strengthening America's Commitment to Passenger Rail
Harrisburg International Airport Considers Harrisburg-Pittsburgh Service
Philadelphia Inquirer - Looming fund cuts endanger Amtrak's Keystone line
Philadelphia Inquirer Editorial - Keystone rail line shouldn't be threatened

Passenger Rail Advocacy Organizations

Associated Transportation Advocacy Organizations

Amtrak Main and Individual Western PA Train Pages, Current Train Status & Train Tracking Map * Northeast Rail Map * Live Video Feeds

Transit Authorities Servicing Western PA Amtrak Routes * Western PA Passenger Rail Photos * Pittsburgh Railways-PCC Era

Contact Information for Pennsylvania State Legislators
Contact Information for U.S. Senators
Contact Information for U.S. Congressmen


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